Combustion Perfected

ThermoAI offers smart controls that minimize emissions and maximize efficiency


Why Teams Choose ThermoAI


Visualize and track combustion operations in real time


Test system settings on a digital twin of the target facility


Design dynamic interventions to reduce emissions and boost efficiency

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Silicon Prairie News|2019

ThermoAI is decreasing industrial emissions and optimizing operations

Aiden Livingston was inspired to start ThermoAI, based in St. Louis, as a response to the pollution he encountered while running tests in South America for a company he founded in New York.


Techstars hosts first AI demo day in Montreal

Techstars Montreal AI revealed the nine companies graduating from its first accelerator program at its Demo Day at the Théâtre St-Denis in Montreal.|2018

How AI improves operational efficiency in renewable energy power plants

The intrusion of artificial intelligence (AI) in various sectors is one of the hot topics in the technology sector these days.

Les affaires|2019

Ces 10 startups feront rayonner l’IA montréalaise partout dans le monde

S’il y a un point en commun entre ces dix projets, c’est qu’ils sont justement très diversifiés.

MaRS |2017

Can big data save the planet?

When Ontario’s energy ministry launched its “green bank” this past summer to help homeowners and small businesses become more energy efficient, one of its first actions was to give away and install 100,000 smart thermostats. On the surface, it seemed


ThermoAI Promises Efficiency, Cost Savings, And Reduced Emissions From Combustion Energy Sources

Wind, solar and other renewable energy sources are most often the focus of innovation in the energy space because, unlike coal and natural-gas fired

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